Justin Morison


I’m a cartoonist/storyboard artist and animator with a Degree in Animation from Sheridan College. I’ve been creating illustrations, storyboards and artwork for over 10 years and hold fluent skills in character design, background and layout design, figure drawing, animation and story boarding. I’ve worked on live action projects involving story boarding and have created children’s coloring books and other illustrations. I have numerous years experience working with Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities creating educational artwork for children such as coloring books, illustrations and cartoon characters with a strong focus on safe play in and around the farm yard. I’ve created artwork for web/mobile content geared toward young children as well as the iphone.

I have also had the great opportunity to work on the Kids' WB show Will & Dewitt, which has won a Gemini. Leading my team I was in charge of production management and design coordinating the preproduction department. I was in charge of breaking down the scripts and determining what props, layouts and character artwork was needed to be created and designed for each episode of the children’s show.

I am secretary of my local snowmobile club, Cross Country Snow Drifters. I am also assistant coordinator of advertising and promotion. In 2006 I co-created Six Aces Productions, an animation development and production company. Through this endeavor I wore many hats and gained experience in areas of corporate business development, production management, customer service and design coordinating. With these skills I continued to build experience through freelance and independent contracting opportunities creating project budgets, artwork and business relationships with clients’ world-wide. Below I have constructed a breakdown of examples of positions and tasks that I have designed and over seen.

Corporate Development:

  • Branding and registration of Six Aces Productions.

  • Held position of Secretary and Production Manager.

  • Co-designed business cards for Six Aces Productions.

  • Co-designed websites for Six Aces Productions.

  • Attended fundraisers and invitational “Industry Night” events.

  • Grant research for business start up and projects.

  • Set up promotional material and meetings with other Studio/Business Executives.

    • General book keeping and records.

    • Created business card and advertising material for Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities.

    • Created business card for hockey goalie instruction.

Production Management:

  • Created weekly and monthly schedules for numerous animated TV show pitch packages and story development.

  • Managed the production of 3D characters and environments for an animated TV show pitch package “Shapely Meadows”, which four artists created assets for.

  • Managed and scheduled pre-production and daily activities of six artists creating artwork for “Will & Dewitt”, a preschool animated TV show.

  • Created budgets and proposal material for employment contracts and advertising.

  • Excel sheet documentation of all artwork assets and their stages of production for “Will & Dewitt”.

  • Reviewed storyboards of each episode of “Will & Dewitt” scheduling and cataloging the required artwork to be created for each show.

  • Reviewed and allocated scripts of each episode of “Will & Dewitt” scheduling and cataloging the required artwork to be created for each show.

  • Creation and development of coloring books for Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities.

  • Creation and development of all artwork assets and budgeting for “Safe Farm Safe Families” interactive CD for kids.

    Design Coordinating:

  • Created character designs for numerous animated TV show pitch concepts and packages.

  • Created background designs for numerous animated TV show pitch concepts and packages.

  • Created prop designs for numerous animated TV show pitch concepts and packages.

  • Designed flyers and other advertising material.

  • Designed booklets and two-page pitch materials to be submitted to Industry executives.

  • Creation and writing of scripts for animated TV show pitch material.

  • Creation and writing of character synopsis and development.

  • Developed illustrations and animated artworks for web, mobile devices and the iPad.

    Customer Service:

  • Sales associate at Home Depot aiding customers in building material and purchases.

  • Sales associate at Stevens Lumber aiding customers in building material, shipping/receiving and purchases, 10 years experience.

When creating the material listed above I’ve used a number of computer programs. Below I’ve constructed a list of programs and their uses.

  • Illustrations and designs for web pages, flyers, booklets, promos, game artwork, general and detailed photo manipulation, business cards, calendar and budget charts.

  • Vector illustrations, 2D traditional and cut-out animations, web pages and flyers.


  • Vector illustrations, 2D traditional and cut-out animations.


  • General vector illustrations.

    Microsoft Word:

  • Creation of budgets, proposals, work sheets, letters and write ups.

    Microsoft Excel:

  • General data input, budgets, artwork cataloging and scheduling.


  • Bajaworx Inc.

  • Chakra Films

  • Cookie Jar Entertainment

  • Kids' WB

  • Magic Monkey TV

  • Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities

  • Marketing OC

  • Monad Games

  • Morris & Chapman – Graphic Communications

  • OmniG Software Inc.

  • On The House!

  • Poetic Licence Productions Ltd.

  • Rick St. Croix School of Goaltending

  • Six Aces Productions

  • State Farm Insurance, David Lee Insurance and Financial Services

  • The Bolton Group LLC

  • The Goalie Pad

  • Tim Morison Goalie Instruction & Training

  • All images are Copyright – Justin Morison and or clients


  • Character Design
  • Storyboards
  • 2D traditional and digital animation
  • layout design
  • story design
  • editing
  • background design
  • production management
  • project management
  • design coordinating